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November 30, 2022

Technology company Finboot, whose purpose is to unlock the full value of enterprise Web3, announces the launch of the MARCO Academy and MARCO Docs. Two brand new spaces aimed at strengthening Finboot’s mission to make blockchain accessible and understandable to business users.

Finboot is known for creating the first no-code/low-code blockchain platform and ecosystem MARCO; their flagship product that enables companies to adapt blockchain without writing a single line of code. MARCO has already made a huge impact in the market by bringing the value of the underlying technology to companies like SABIC, one of the world’s largest chemical manufacturers, Global multi-energy provider Repsol, and the leader in responsible chemicals for leather solutions and coatings, Stahl. All of whom have been using MARCO’s no-code and low-code capabilities to accelerate the time-to-value of their digital initiatives. They are using blockchain to redefine the way they manage their supply chains, drive forward digital transformation, and accelerate their ESG and sustainability agendas. 

More recently, with the intention of expanding their global footprint, Finboot launched their Global Partnership Program. The program is designed to work with System Integrators (SIs) and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to maximise the reach of the MARCO platform. Finboot is already working with digital transformation consultancy Quantion and digital engineering company Nitor Infotech as the first comers to MARCO’s partner ecosystem. Working with both their technical and commercial teams to accelerate the adoption of blockchain worldwide. 

In this line, Finboot is now launching two new channels to help fulfil their vision to democratise access to enterprise Web3. Providing any developer and citizen developer the tools they need to build and configure no-code/low-code solutions powered by blockchain.

The MARCO Academy ( aimed at transforming the way users learn about blockchain, the use cases of the technology, and how to easily configure and deploy solutions with MARCO. The Academy includes courses from high-level use cases of the technology and specific customer case studies, to more technical and practical courses on how to use the MARCO platform and its no-code applications. All resources are open to the public, with the objective of arming visitors with valuable and trusted content on enterprise blockchain and MARCO.. 

MARCO Docs ( opens the doors to MARCO's low-code capabilities and SDK. Our documentation site is built to enable MARCO developers with basic technical knowledge to unlock the value of blockchain and enterprise web3. Content includes documentation on our APIs to drive users on integrations with our existing no-code applications. We also cover the specifics of our broader set of APIs and SDK to create new applications powered by MARCO.

With these new channels, Finboot intends to grow the community of developers and citizen developers around MARCO. Very much aligned with our Global Partnership Program which we expect to scale throughout 2023. We are now taking on new applications to join our Global Partnership program opened for SIs, ISVs, and any others interested in accelerating the adoption of blockchain. Reach out to us and join us in our mission to make blockchain accessible and understandable to business users:

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