Find more on how to deliver traceability, ESG monitoring, sustainability tracking and supply chain efficiencies with MARCO.

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Trusted by leading global enterprises, these are some of them;

Our platform MARCO Transforms Blockchain Technology Into Business Applications

Our applications are designed for the user, making blockchain technology easily accesible.

Our unique key management services enable connectivity with existing enterprise level security.

Certified for integration with existing software and systems.




HyperLedger Fabric



What makes us unique


MARCO transforms complex and emerging blockchain technology into out-of-the-box enterprise software applications.

Rapid ROI

MARCO enables rapid experimentation for enterprise customers enabling validation of a robust business case and ROI.

Agnostic by design

MARCO is blockchain agnostic, highly configurable and focused on enterprise needs delivered with low adoption costs.

Start using MARCO today and easily unleash the benefits of blockchain in your enterprise

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Trust In Us


“Finboot’s platform is simple to setup so it delivers business value from day one. In addition, their support and education is invaluable as you grow and develop your product..”
Trust In Us


"Finboot, through their product MARCO, offers a friendly way to work with blockchain. Finboot’s technical and soft skills are valuable external talent for Repsol to work and co-create together."
Trust In Us


“Having transparent, resilient supply chains is of paramount importance to us as we look to both increase our operational efficiency and gain greater insight into our production processes. By using Finboot’s blockchain solution MARCO, we are ensuring that we remain at the forefront of digitalisation, which gives us a competitive edge over brands that continue to rely on analogue, inefficient systems."
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“Providing customers with transparency of our sustainability and supply chain due diligence efforts is extremely important to us as we further cement Stahl’s position as an ESG leader in our sector. By integrating Finboot’s MARCO middleware & application suite into our digital ecosystem, we are able to demonstrate that we are actively seeking to drive positive change in our industrial processes.”
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London chamber of Arbitration and Mediation

“Applying blockchain to administer LCAM’s arbitration and mediation cases will give us an edge over other legal providers that rely on traditional, analogue methods or less advanced software”
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"It was very simple to integrate Finboot’s MARCO product into Fidesterra’s software architecture, so we were up and running within two weeks. Our clients will hugely benefit from this partnership, and I look forward to seeing the results."

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