Automated Sustainability Credits Bookkeeping

Effortlessly Track and Manage Environmental Impact with Finboot's Automated Sustainability Credits Bookkeeping Solution

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Why Finboot

Finboot offers an innovative traceability solution to automate ESG and sustainability credits record-keeping, create Digital Product Passports, and manage sustainability declarations and certifications.

Automate Chain of Custody

Our tool streamlines the process of sustainability reporting, automating the creation of detailed declarations for customer products. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, businesses can save time and resources while ensuring accuracy and compliance with environmental standards.

Prevent Double Spending

Gain valuable insights into your environmental impact through comprehensive calculations provided by our platform. Understand key metrics, identify areas for improvement, and track progress towards sustainability goals with precision. Our advanced reporting features empower informed decision-making for a greener future.

Transparency and Accountability

Foster transparency throughout your supply chain by easily sharing sustainability declarations with stakeholders. Demonstrate your commitment to environmental responsibility and build trust with customers, investors, and partners. With Finboot's reporting tool, uphold accountability while driving positive change in your industry.

How it works

How does Finboot’s Green Supply Chain Management solutions work

Contact one of our experts

Jump a call with one of our experts to discuss your situation. What low-carbon, renewable, and circular products is your business woking with. What
are the biggest challenges in managing these sustainable supply chains.

Bespoke product tour

Get a bespoke product tour with our team showing you exactly how our solution can help ease supply chain management and minimize risks.

Business case and solution design

Our team will work with you to provide a detail solution design and an implementation plan for our technology. We will also help you build a business case and estimate the return on investment.

Set up and configuration

Start working on your own digital traceability ecosystem. Our implementation and delivery team will work with you to configure and document your entire solution.

Onboarding and scale

Once the configuration is approved we will start onboarding and training users. Get you traceability ecosystem ready to scale in under 8 weeks.

Testimonials & Succes Stories



"Finboot, through their product MARCO, offers a friendly way to work with blockchain. Finboot’s technical and soft skills are valuable external talent for Repsol to work and co-create together."

Jose Javier Salinero Rodriguez

Jose Javier Salinero Rodriguez

Head of R&D in Repsol-Sinopec. Former technology and business development transformation manager at Repsol.


Proving the business value behind business solutions. In our implementation with Repsol, we are proving a 4x times return on investment.


Cepsa testimonial

"Finboot's blockchain solution technology ensures that every step of our production and distribution is securely recorded, enhancing our credibility and accountability. With this innovation, we've gained the trust of our customers and stakeholders alike. Finboot has truly empowered us to lead in a rapidly evolving industry.”

David Liras

David Liras

CIO at Cepsa

We successfully implemented our solutions across industrial facilities in three diverse countries: Spain, Brazil, and Canada. Our partnership ensures efficiency and excellence on a multinational scale.

Cepsa testimonial

Sabic testimonial

"At SABIC, we have a deep commitment to innovation and technology that can help us to deliver more sustainable solutions to our customers. Finboot’s technology holds exciting potential for the provision of our TRUCIRCLE™ products to customers, and therefore for our commitment to supporting customers in their sustainability ambitions."

Waleed Al-Shalfan

Waleed Al-Shalfan

Vice President Polymers Technology & Innovation at SABIC

Easily create and manage compliance docs. Reduce audit costs and focus on your business sustainability goals.

Sabic testimonial

Features that drive growth in Green Supply Chain Management

Scheme regulation

Easily create and manage certification documents for voluntary and regulatory schemes such as Sustainability Declarations for Mass Balance certifications. Streamline compliance and reduce audit costs, giving you more time to focus on your business sustainability goals.

Automated Sustainability Credits Bookkeeping

Finboot enables automated bookkeeping for sustainability credits, compatible with Mass Balance and Book & Claim approaches. Ensure accurate and efficient sustainability credit management and prevent double spending.

GHG Emission Tracking

Designed for supply chain emissions with a special focus on scope 3 emissions. This enables business to gather, verify, and share info on their greenhouse gas emissions linked to specific products. A more transparent monitoring of CO2 and equivalent emissions broken down in each part of the supply chain.

Digital Product Passports

Get ahead of regulation and be ready to easily create, configure and share Digital Product Passports with your direct clients, brand owner, and consumers. Secure a competitive advantage and grow your market share by sharing enriched supply chain data and insights with clients.

Supplier and Customer Portals

Get supply chain data directly from suppliers and offer your customers an opportunity to join an expand your traceability ecosystem. Our permissioned portals foster supply chain collaboration, enhance data quality and promote more sustainable and collaborative supply chains.

Interoperability to legacy systems

Integrate with your existing architecture to simplify data intake and achieve a seamless user experience. Our clients have integrated our solutions to their ERPs, Procurement, and Financial systems. We can also operate with other emerging technologies like IoT, RFID, and NFC.

Global multilingual solution

Our solutions are used globally (4 continents and counting). Our web applications are available in 5 languages, with more available on request.  

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