Creating Technology, Building Ecosystems

In Finboot, we facilitate the adoption of DLT and Blockchain technologies into daily business operations, generating ecosystems based on trust, collaboration and transparency. Focusing on solving real business problems that quickly generate a return on investment.

Our History

Finboot is a leading software innovation group creating enterprise-level products.

Founded in 2016, with presence in London and Barcelona, Finboot has become one of the first tech startups to deliver value in the enterprise blockchain arena and overall distributed ledger ecosystem.

Since the beginning, our founders and everyone in the Finboot family have focused on optimizing the delivery of the technology by simplifying it for the end users. This effort combines the capacity of our team to create a complex architecture of services, that quickly understand the pain points of our customers and remove them swiftly.

The results of our efforts over the last three years have already started to flourish in the implementations of our technology industrial production ecosystems. We are succeeding in making these ecosystems smarter, safer and more sustainable by implementing our solutions.

We are committed to becoming a leading example of blockchain technology delivery, allowing our customers to focus on the benefits of the technology instead of its complexities.

Years of

Powered by innovation with passion and commitment


Our mission is to advance in the delivery of digital technologies and facilitate their adoption in enterprise environments redefining the industry of the future.


Our vision is to provide the leading service for enterprises to implement Blockchain applications that maximize their profits.

Driven by our core values in every journey we embark


Trust is a fundamental pillar for our company, our products and our ecosystem.

Revolutionary Thinking

We drive change with enthusiasm, courage and a determination for disruptive innovation.


We empower the business user to become comfortable with the use of new technology, maintaining freedom and generating value.

The principles built into our organization, our culture and our day to day work are the key to accomplish our mission.


Ideas are recognized by the value they add, not by where they come from.


Innovation and evolution imply jumping barriers and generating a free exchange of ideas with the objective of evolving.


To our mission and vision, to our values, to our community and more importantly to ourselves.

Committed to Meet Sustainable Development Goals

Our products are designed to increase efficiency and productivity thereby reducing waste and the abuse of our scarce resources.

Key Managers

Juan Miguel Perez

CEO / Co-founder / Board

Scientific Background. Design and development of the products based on CMOS (semiconductor) technology.

Experienced in patent engineering, technology asset management and technology transfer.

6 years of experience in ICT.

Nish Kotecha

Chairman / Co-founder / Board

Seasoned entrepreneur with a long track of executive and non-executive positions.

Experienced in Technology, Retail, Impact investing, healthcare and social entrepreneurship.

28 years of professional and entrepreneurial experience.

Angel Pateiro

CTO / Co-founder / Board

Computer science engineer with experience in enterprise and startup ecosystems.

Experienced in blockchain technology and cloud application design, development and maintenance.

10 years of experience in ICT.

Partners and Collaborators