The Future of Blockchain Technology: Agnostic and Interoperable Platforms

Alvaro Llobet and Oscar Gomez
December 1, 2022

In this short video Finboot’s Alvaro Llobet, Head of Product and Oscar Gomez Manresa, Tech Lead, discuss the future of blockchain - specifically how the use of blockchain is increasing and how blockchain-agnostic solutions (that is software and hardware that are compatible with many different blockchain networks), will work and help shape the future. 

Finboot are pioneers of blockchain-agnostic solutions. The key strands of their thinking, to date, as you will see in the video are:

  • There will be more standards: Currently all different blockchains are using different ways to interact. Eventually, these different methods will converge  into common standards. This will make it easier for blockchain databases to communicate with each other.
  • There will be less need for different blockchains;: the focus will be on a few large scale blockchains that will offer all the features needed. There will be no need for numerous smaller chains. 
  • Blockchain will become more user-friendly and easier to use 
  • Increasingly business will be built with blockchain being integral from the start. There will be more connectivity between different applications. There will be increased collaboration. 

Watch this video to get full insights from industry insiders to understand the rapidly evolving blockchain marketplace. 

Most current applications are built for use with a specific blockchain technology and often a single blockchain network. This makes them rigid and ill equipped to adapt to changes that constantly occur in such a nascent ecosystem. It also hinders their ability to scale. 

While full interoperability between different blockchain frameworks is still a work in progress, a blockchain agnostic solution will take an organisation one step forward in that direction, allowing flexibility of usage and interaction between different ledger technologies among the applications. 

By using MARCO, organisations are able to work with different ledger and blockchain technologies seamlessly, by using the same enterprise software application. Our middleware facilitates - uniquely - interactions between those technologies without the need for further and extensive technical development, reducing (or even removing) the pain of having to migrate from one ledger technology to the other. 

Being agnostic gives the company the freedom to choose the best blockchain technology for their needs without losing compatibility.

Future-proofing blockchain development is deeply enshrined in our mission: being an emerging technology, blockchain is continuously evolving and, as a result, shortsighted solutions are at risk of becoming obsolete in the near future. However, with MARCO, enterprises are provided with the necessary flexibility to avoid becoming outdated and ensure that their solutions are able to evolve, migrate and adapt to what is ahead.

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