Finboot Partners with Innovative Plastic Waste Processing Firm to Improve Transparency and Accountability

June 19, 2023

On JUNE 19, 2023, Finboot announced a new partnership with CRDC Global.  CRDC Global is a fast-growing firm that utilizes a proprietary process to convert any type of plastic waste into a construction aggregate called RESIN8™, which can be then incorporated into to a wide variety of construction projects. 

RESIN8, designed by and for the construction industry, is unique in that it can be used in structural and non-structural concrete applications, even improving its performance. For example, including up to 10% RESIN8 in dry-mix concrete applications maintains its ASTM standard strength while providing better insulation and lighter weight.  In non-structural concrete applications RESIN8 in larger quantities can reduce weight and significantly improve insulation. RESIN8 is suitable for numerous applications including concrete blocks, pavers, grouts, mortars and even hot-mix asphalt. 

In this new collaboration, Finboot will use its blockchain technology to help CRDC Global ensure its RESIN8 production processes are even more transparent, efficient, and sustainable.  

Juan Miguel Perez, CEO and Co-Founder, says: “We are really excited to be working with CRDC Global.  CRDC’s value proposition REAP – Recover, Enrich, Appreciate, Prosper – is very much aligned to Finboot’s. There are huge synergies between our platform based in blockchain and CRDC’s mission, which is to create value from the world’s plastic waste.  This is inspiring – they are helping solve an environmental problem by adding value to another industry.  

“Blockchain is the killer app when it comes to traceability and transparency.  We are now in the process of supply chain mapping.”

Don Thomson, Founder and Chairman of CRDC, says: “Right from the beginning of CRDC’s journey, transparency and accountability have been key. We are committed to continuous improvement and to prove to the world that we can be the truly circular solution to end the global plastic waste crisis once and for all.  For us to achieve this, we must be fully transparent and we’re grateful for the blockchain technology that Finboot provides that we believe will allow us to do this. 

“I am excited about this new collaboration with Finboot, our shared future is bright!”

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Finboot is a technology company simplifying enterprise blockchain. We facilitate the core priorities of industry leaders to enable fast and easy adoption of digital ecosystems powered by blockchain. Finboot created the first No-code / Low-code platform and ecosystem, MARCO, to enable Web3: bringing the future of the internet to business. MARCO greatly improves management of value chains and drives forward digitalisation, sustainability and ESG agendas. MARCO connects blockchain technologies securely under one roof, turning data into trusted digital assets and accelerating the road towards interoperability.

Our purpose at Finboot is to enable Web3 and unlock its full value.  Finboot is making blockchain accessible and understandable to business and delivering the leading No-code / Low-code platform and ecosystem for a decentralised world.

About CRDC

CRDC Global is a disruptive building materials company that creates appreciating value from the world’s 

plastic waste. CRDC Global’s patented process accepts any type of plastic waste and converts it into a range of climate-resilient concrete additives and eco-aggregates. Marketed and produced under the RESIN8™ name, these versatile construction products meet or exceed internationally accepted ASTM standards. Through its Recover-Enrich-Appreciate-Prosper (REAP) model, which includes innovative new programs like the ‘Bag that Builds’, CRDC is relentlessly focused on providing better economic, environmental, and societal value for all, in line with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

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