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April 4, 2024

CARDIFF,UK, 4 April 2024 – Finboot announced on April 4th, it has appointed Mark Redwood a financial and professional services specialist, former Chairman KarnovGroup, and Thomson Reuters President, to its Advisory Board.  


Mark has forty years of professionalexperience, including senior roles not just at Karnov Group, but also currentlyas a Non-Executive at GeoPura, Nimbus® and Spektrix, and previously at the world's leading provider of news andinformation-based tools to professionals - Thomson Reuters.  KarnovGroup is a Scandinavia-based leading provider of knowledge and workflowsolutions in legal, tax and accounting together with environmental, healthand safety legal compliance and monitoring.  


Nish Kotecha, Executive Chair and Co-Founder of Finboot, says: 


“We are excited Mark Redwood is joining the Finboot Advisory Board.  Mark’s in-depth experience in financial and professional services will guide the implementation of our MARCO platform in the financial and professional services value chain.”


“Mark will help us combine blockchain powered traceability with trade finance andother financial and professional services sector opportunities.”


“Mark's experience is second to none – he is a highly experienced tech entrepreneur.  During his time at Thomson Reuters, he was President of Sales and Trading, the world's leading provider of news and information-based tools.”


Mark Redwood says:


“Ilook forward to working with Finboot’s forward thinking team to help Finboot deploy its leading-edge tech opportunities in the financial and professional services sector.


“Finboot’s no-code/ low-code blockchain platform and ecosystem, MARCO, is a trailblazer.  It is a user-friendly platform that will help companies audit and in turn comply with incoming ESG regulations.


Mark joins industry leaders including Padman Ramankutty, Dr Bettina Uhlich, AvanishSahai and John Fletcher on Finboot’s advisory board.


Mark has a first-class Batchelor of Arts honours degree in Economics and Accounting from the University of Manchester.  


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Notes to Editors

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About MarkRedwood

Mark’s stellar experience includes:

·       Karnov Group, Chairman and Non-Executive Director

·       Thomson Reuters, President, Sales and Trading

·       AVT Technologies Ltd, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

·       JPMorgan Chase & Co, Fixed Income Trader

·       GeoPura, Non-Executive Director

·       Nimbus®, Non-Executive Director

·       Delio, Non-Executive Chairman

·       Spektrix, Non-Executive Chairman

·       Barracuda, Non-Executive Director

·       Cashflows, Non-Executive Director

·       SSP Limited, Non-Executive Chairman

·       Sporting Index, Chairman and non-executive Director

·       Achilles Group, Non-Executive Chairman

·       Benchmark Solutions, Non-Executive Director


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