Finboot Nominated for Three Prestigious Awards for its Contribution to Supply Chain Innovation

Flávia Sales, Marketing at Finboot
September 14, 2023

Cardiff, UK - September 14, 2023 - Finboot, a leading technology company specialising in supply chain digitalisation announced today they have beenshortlisted for new three supply chain awards in 2023. 

The new awards for which Finboot has been shortlisted are as follows:

1. Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2023

2. Supply Chain Awards 2023

3. Economic Innovator of the Year Awards 2023

This follows Finboot being finalists in three other respected tech awards earlier this year.

Finboot has been shortlisted for these latest three awards as a result of its collaborative work with its clients and partners to improve supply chain efficiency, promote circularity, and accelerate the journey towards a net-zero future.

One notable collaboration is their partnership with SABIC, the chemical giant.  Finboot has been working with SABIC since 2021. In SABIC's Q3 2022 highlights report, states that Finboot's no code / low code blockchain platform, MARCO,  offers "reduced costs, time, and improved data integration for all value chain partners."

The Supply Chain Excellence Awards, now in their 26th year, are recognised as the benchmark for supply chain best practices. The awards attract entries from across the UK and Europe.

The Logistik Heute, PwC, and Strategy & Supply Chain Awards 2023 highlight companies that have optimised their supply chains or demonstrated innovative approaches to enhancing supply chain efficiency.  

Finboot's shortlisting for The Spectator Innovator of the Year Awards recognises Finboot innovation in making supply chains more efficient and “greener”.   

According to Finboot's CEO, Juan Miguel Pérez Rosas, ¨Industrial sectors like energy, steel, chemicals, and cement, which have intricate supply chains, are adopting new technologies to enhance the efficiency of their value chains. Finboot recognizes the challenges faced by businesses in digitally transforming their supply chains and transitioning towards transparency and sustainability¨.

“We passionately believe blockchain technology is the solution to making businesses more sustainable and efficient, both in terms of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors as well as cost savings.

“The entire Finboot team is delighted and honored to be shortlisted for these prestigious awards. The nominations serve as a significant morale boost, further motivating the team to continue to push the boundaries of supply chain innovation to accelerate the journey to net-zero”.





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About Finboot: Finboot is a leading technology company specializing in supply chain optimisation and economic innovation. With a focus on enhancing supply chain efficiency, promoting circularity, and driving sustainability, Finboot provides cutting-edge solutions that enable businesses to achieve their strategic goals. Through their no code/low code blockchain platform, MARCO, Finboot empowers organizations to streamline operations, reduce costs, and unlock new opportunities for growth. For more information, please visit