Finboot Announces Strategic Growth Plan Following Investment Round

Flavia Sales, Marketing Manager at Finboot
April 17, 2024

Cardiff, April 16, 2024 – Finboot, the leading tech firm, has announced a strategic growth plan after a successful investment round to strengthen the company's position and accelerate its expansion in green supply chain management for capital-intensive industries.

This latest injection of capital underscores investor confidence in Finboot's strategy, technology, and market potential. This confidence was previously underscored  when Finboot received the coveted Supply Chain Management Smart Solution Award in Germany, sponsored by PwC, late last year.

Leading Green Supply Chain Management for Capital Intensive Companies

The funding will be instrumental in furthering the development and commercialisation of Finboot's flagship product, MARCO Track & Trace, and expanding the company's global reach.

Nish Kotecha, Executive Chair and Co-Founder of Finboot, says: "With a strengthened financial position, Finboot is committed to expanding its presence in key markets across North America, Europe, and the UK. The company aims to establish strategic partnerships and alliances to drive adoption and maximise the value of blockchain technology for enterprises in promoting supply chain visibility and driving decarbonisation through digitalisation."

Juan Miguel Perez, CEO and Co-Founder of Finboot, added: “The successful investment round marks a pivotal moment for Finboot, empowering us to accelerate our innovation and expand our global footprint.”

“Our technology helps our clients substantiate their ESG and sustainability credentials, which leads to a stronger market position. We facilitate the core priorities of industry leaders in sectors like Oil & Energy, Chemicals and Steel; our digital solutions help them close the gap between strategy and execution.”

“This strengthened positioning comes after valuable feedback from our key clients and investors - in high capital industries, including SABIC, Repsol, and Cepsa.”

“Going forward, our messaging will emphasise our expertise in green supply chain management to enable clients to accelerate their net-zero transition through technology. With our product, MARCO Track & Trace, we will continue to reduce operational costs and mitigate risks in complex supply chains; all while driving sustainability, traceability, and crucially compliance across the whole value and supply chains.”

Finboot's Strategic Growth Plan

Building on the momentum generated by the latest investment round, Finboot is poised to execute an ambitious growth strategy focused on product development, market expansion, and talent acquisition.

One of the main shifts is the repackaging of our all-in-one traceability platform, MARCO Track & Trace. By actively listening to our client’s needs and preferences, we have now focused our offering. We’ve positioned our customers’ low-carbon, renewable, and/or circular products at the centre. Our modules and features go around these sustainable products to help our clients improve profitability and margins. Four flagship modules are already in the market: 

  • Automated sustainability credit bookkeeping: to effortlessly track and manage inflow and outflow of credits, lowering audit costs and improving customer satisfaction with enriched traceability. 
  • Scheme regulation: streamline compliance and introduce efficiencies in the creation, verification, and distribution of regulatory and voluntary certifications and declarations of sustainability.
  • GHG emissions tracking: calculate, manage, and reduce your supply chain’s carbon footprint with evidence backed data. Move away from estimates and assumptions on emissions and get closer to more accurate carbon tracking and reporting. 
  • Digital Product Passports: get ahead of upcoming regulatory pressures and embrace the market opportunity and significant returns that can come from investing in sustainability by sharing enriched supply chain data with your customers, covering emissions, credits, certifications, and much more.  

Alvaro Llobet, Head of Product, added: “Finboot will continue to invest in product and technology; advancing MARCO's capabilities, enhancing its scalability, security, and interoperability to meet the evolving needs of enterprise clients."

"We are launching new modules, such as Carbon Credits, and improving existing features. We are also working to enhance the customer experience by offering a new, and enhanced user experience." 

Finboots is also expanding its marketing efforts. Flavia Sales, who has been promoted to Marketing Manager to lead Finboot's marketing initiatives, is excited about the launch of the new company’s website, announced on Monday, April 15, which will better align with Finboot’s updated messaging and positioning.

"The new website aims to enhance its support for clients and ensure they have the necessary resources to navigate their own journey towards net-zero, providing them with relevant content at every step of the way."

To communicate the company's messaging and strategy, the co-founders Nish Kotecha and Juan Miguel Pérez Rosas went in a 20-minute live interview on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, at 3pm (CET) and streamed it on Finboot’s social media channels (YouTube, LinkedIn, and X):

About Finboot


Finboot’s technology provides green supply chain management for the world's largest capital-intensive manufacturing companies. 

Our technology traces carbon emissions and minimises risk through immutable data. Finboot is backed by SABIC and Repsol. Finboot has created the first green supply chain management suite with features including integrated traceability, allowing you to track carbon emissions, automate digital product passports, create sustainability credits, and facilitate compliance. Finboot is headquartered in Cardiff, with a base in Barcelona.

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