Finboot announces participation in the 6th Annual Blockchain in Oil & Gas Conference

Finboot Marketing Team
September 9, 2022

We are pleased to announce our participation in the 6th Annual Blockchain in Oil and Gas Conference - Texas, held in partnership with Blockchain for Energy on September 14-15, 2022.

The world’s only Blockchain-focused event in oil and gas is returning to Houston for the sixth consecutive year. It’s an opportunity to join hundreds of thought leaders, executives, and researchers from across the industry and will gather operators, service companies, EPCs, and industry stakeholders invested in transforming the future of oil and gas through Blockchain technology. The conference will highlight opportunities to create industry solutions and guidelines, leveraging blockchain technology to reduce costs, improve timelines and eliminate disputes in any given process.  

A key focus of the 2022 conference will be blockchain as an enabler for carbon tracking and mitigation - the key generational driver for oil and gas companies today.   

Advancing toward a net zero emissions future is one of the biggest challenges — if not the biggest — facing humanity today and the clock is ticking loudly. The oil and gas industry must take a leadership role by not only reducing its own carbon footprint but transforming the global energy systems.  

Different oil and gas companies will decarbonise at different speeds. Digitalisation will not only accelerate the passage, but also provide proof of the quality of their transition.  

Juan Miguel Perez Rosas, CEO, Finboot, will share his thoughts on the future of the #blockchain in the #oil and gas industry on Day 2 at the “Blockchain, Cleantech and the road to Net Zero”, session.  

Our team will be attending the event to catch up with clients and exchange ideas on solving ESG challenges with #blockchain solutions. We will also count with our Advisor Geoffrey Cann attending our booth, who will be signing some of his books. Geoffrey is a highly regarded author, publisher, broadcaster and independent adviser for digital transformation in the oil and gas sector.

Please come and say hello at #BlockchainHouston22 and we can discuss the exciting future of the oil and gas industry. 

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