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Challenges facing the Oil & Energy industry

Process resilience

An increase in scrutiny from regulators and consumers, craving insights on operational processes, has uncovered the need for resilient business processes. Certifiable data, process transparency and clear audit trails are the new business as usual.

Operational efficiency

Energy industries have some of themost complex value chains in the world. In the current market landscape onlythe lowest cost producers will survive. Having end-2-end traceability,minimizes waste, provides early warning signs and optimizes resources.

COVID-19 aftermath

Technologies such as blockchain will help these industries maximize remote access to operational data, improve sustainability of their business practices, and swiftly recover from the outbreak's impact.

Geoffrey Cann
Finboot advisor
Author of Bits, Bytes, and Barrels and
former Deloitte(30 years)

“The adoption of new ways of working enabled by digital tools is a critical pathway to lower cost… digital innovations are THE key solution to solving the problems of the pandemic AND the cost challenges of the industry”

MARCO’s impact in the Oil & Energy supply chain

The energy sector is evolving; concerns on sustainability are growing in both enterprises and customers alike. We introduce digital technologies that accelerate and optimize energy transition.

Streamline business operations

The industry’s trail of paperwork, emails and phone calls results in painful, and fractured business processes. MARCO provides process automation, integrating industrial operations with commercial transactions.

Traceability of assets

With MARCO, enterprises can digitally trace their assets and easily build transparent ecosystems of trust, optimizing compliance and taking the lead on sustainability and the circular economy.

Real-time data reconciliation

MARCO provides near real-time data reconciliation eliminating the need for costly third-parties. The cost-savings, as well as the increased efficiency, provide immediate ROI.
Trust In Us


"Finboot, through their product MARCO, offers a friendly way to work with blockchain. Finboot’s technical and soft skills are valuable external talent for Repsol to work and co-create together."

How MARCO makes the Energy sector:


From extraction sites to refineries, and all the way to consumers the trail of paperwork, emails and phone calls in industry processes creates a painful if not impossible reconciliation of data. With MARCO Track & Trace we provide near real-time reconciliation and process automation, entangling industrial operations with commercial transactions.


The Oil & Energy sector relies in joint operations, but the challenges around the sharing of data results in misinformation and unnecessary delays. With multiple layers of cryptography, providing data integrity through decentralization and yet maintaining enterprise oversight, MARCO Track & Trace allows stakeholders to securely share data.

More sustainable

The paradigm shift towards renewable energy sources is the key to unlock untold competitive advantages, but complex compliance mechanisms are at times adverse to energy transition. With MARCO Track & Trace, enterprises can easily build transparent ecosystems of trust, optimizing compliance and taking the lead on sustainability.