Digital Traceability of Certified TRUCIRCLE™

Used plastic

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Used plastic received at the pyrolysis oil producer and certified to begin their recycling process


8 Feb 2022

Lote number


Discharge location

Pyrolysis oil production

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Used plastics are converted into TACOIL by the pyrolysis oil producer.


15 Feb 2022

Tank ID


Production location

Pyrolysis oil discharge

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TACOIL is delivered by the feedstock supplier to SABIC. Transferring custody of the asset and associated sustainability credits.


17 Mar 2022

Discharge location

Polymer production

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SABIC produces the circular polymer which traces back to the associated sustainability credits of the TACOIL (circular feedstock made with used plastic). Circular polymer will then be sold to convertors


24 Mar 2022


PP 527KC

Gross weight in kg


Sustainability credits in kg (outflow)


Sustainability credits in kg (balance)


Production location

Polymer conversion

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Circular polymer is delivered for conversion into the final packaging solution


12 Apr 2022


PP 527KC

Discharge data - SABIC Production ecosystem facility

Polymer: quantity received (kg) - 100

Sustainability credits in kg (inflow)


Sustainability credits in kg (balance)


Discharge location

Santo Tirso - Rebordões

Discharge location


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The final packing solution is obtained, completing the blockchain-based value chain traceability.The final packaging immutably traces back to the sustainability credits of the original plastic waste used plastic with no possibility of double spending or over spending (allocating the same credits to multiple products or spending credits before receiving the goods).


24 Apr 2022

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SABIC launches blockchain pilot for digital traceability of certified circular TRUCIRCLE™ feedstock

SABIC’s consortium blockchain pilot project is a collaboration with technology company Finboot, advanced recycling pioneer Plastic Energy, and packaging specialist Intraplás

The project intends to create additional transparency and digital traceability for certified circular feedstock used in SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE™solutions

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