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MARCO Track & Trace is our blockchain application engineering the supply chain of tomorrow


Fosters a clear and collaborative environment where trusted and tamper-proof information is shared among permissioned members.

Digital assets

Allows you to recreate the path followed by your products, in a trusted digital environment, optimising data management and analytics.


Facilitates near real-time tracking of products and materials throughout the supply chain's lifecycle, from source to finish.

Cost reduction

Drives costs savings by automating and streamlining processes, addressing all challenges faced across your supply chain.


Enables resilience and flexibility to different blockchain frameworks and legacy systems according to the enterprise's needs.


Generates immutable certification of documents, records, experimentation and day to day data.

Engineering the business ecosystems of tomorrow.

The essential elements of Track & Trace combine to provide continuous improvement of your industrial process

Supply chain

These are a system of; organizations, identities, facilities, data, integrations and workflows.

Asset template

Asset templates are digital representations of goods; this can include any property to represent a product's lifecycle.


They provide detail into your supply chain, with visual representations of the interactions with all stakeholders involved.

Continues improvement

No additional technology development required to configure, update and modify your supply chain process and meet the evolving requirements of your ecosystem.

Experience in 4 main sectors

Oil & Energy

Providing clear business cases and maximizing returns in Upstream, Downstream and trading.


Gestión de certificaciones, trazabilidad y mayor eficiencia de productos químicos básicos e intermedios, polímeros, elastómeros, gases industriales, entre otros.

Consumer Goods

From food all across to clothing, obtaining efficiency and sustainability.


Enabling automotive businesses to offer more innovative products and manufacturing techniques.