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We make Supply Chains smarter, safer and more sustainable through Blockchain technology.
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Marco Explained

MARCO Track & Trace optimizes supply chain processes
with blockchain core functions.

Delivering business value through the combination of governance, standards, interoperability, and automation.

MARCO builds on top of blockchain infrastructure of multiple frameworks (such as Ethereum or Hyperledger Fabric) and provides the resources to turn those frameworks into bespoke applications in sectors such as Oil & Energy, chemical, retail and automotive.

Traceability of products

MARCO Track & Trace allows near real-time tracking of products and materials on your supply chain.

Digitalization of assets and interoperability

Industrial supply chains, such advancements can streamline operations resulting in dramatic cost savings and driving the sector into the 4.0 era with new products and services.

Creating ecosystems of trust

Due to its distributed database, MARCO Track & Trace enables an ecosystem of trust, sharing trusted information among all the stakeholders.

Cost reduction

MARCO Track & Trace address challenges all across supply chains, digitalizing processes, and generating a reduction of costs.

Engineering the supply chain of tomorrow

MARCO Track & Trace unleashes the potential of technology in your supply chain, generating efficiencies, creating new business models and bringing ecosystems of trust.


MARCO Track & Trace is immutable, generating certification on documents, records, experimentation and day to day data.

Experience in 4 main sectors

Track & Trace

We make Supply Chains smarter, safer and more sustainable through Blockchain technology
Oil & Energy

Providing clear business cases and maximizing returns in Upstream, Downstream and trading.


Gestión de certificaciones, trazabilidad y mayor eficiencia de productos químicos básicos e intermedios, polímeros, elastómeros, gases industriales, entre otros.

Consumer Goods

From food all across to clothing, obtaining efficiency and sustainability.


Enabling automotive businesses to offer more innovative products and manufacturing techniques.