BLOCKSTAMP allows organisations to share data, create Stamps and request validations within a private workspace
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BLockstamp Explained

BLOCKSTAMP provides clarity and trust

BLOCKSTAMP provides business functionalities such as document registration, notarisation, validation and reconciliation, as well as verification through digital signatures.

STAMP Certification

BLOCKSTAMP is immutable and can certify any type of document, record or day-to-day data.

STAMP Sharing

BLOCKSTAMP enables the sharing of document & data, and their associated stamps between internal and external stakeholders.

Ecosystems of trust

By using Distributed ledger technology, BLOCKSTAMP can be used to create an ecosystem of trusted parties to connect and communicate safely and securely.

Cost reduction

BLOCKSTAMP brings accountability, transparency and trust. Bridging data across all business areas, removing duplication workstreams and thereby delivering cost efficiencies.

Data Reconciliation

BLOCKSTAMP enables the collection and reconciliation of data between systems and  parties to create efficiencies by minimising backoffice workloads and thereby reducing costs and improving productivity.

STAMP Validation

BLOCKSTAMP allows any party to request validation of documents & data with others to ensure that correct and trustworthy data is captured.

BLOCKSTAMP enables blockchain main functionalities through web interfaces, without any need of coding or specific tech knowledge.
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We provide clarity and trust to your data processes

BLOCKSTAMP provides the tools that securely record, validate and share the services provided by the Into-planes companies.


LCAM is using MARCO BLOCKSTAMP to administer arbitration and mediation cases.


Immutable information will generate trust in the fund management market and audit industry as a whole